Trophy Room x Air Jordan 16 “French Blue”

Following the Grand Opening of Marcus Jordan’s brainchild happens to be the launching of Room x Air Jordan 16 “French Blue” to delight both athletes and enthusiasts. Learn why this pair of kicks found its home at the newest store of MJ’s son. Here are some of its interesting features to catch your interest.

Trophy Room x Air Jordan 16 French Blue

Trophy Room x Air Jordan 16 French Blue
French Blue/French Blue-White
November 5, 2106|$275

It’s French Blue

Perfect for basketball royalties, this pair of Air Jordan sneakers comes in a French Blue shade to delight the eyes. You can finally be the king of the ring with the special AJ edition designed to let you rule the hard court. Yes, it is your time to shine sporting a pair of shoes that lets you go away with slam dunks or free throws easily. It is not surprising why you can make the most of your basketball match making as many points as possible.

It’s a monochrome so you can expect a single shade to dress this ultimate stunners. The French Blue also known as Tavernier Blue will never shy itself to dominate the Room x Air Jordan 16 “French Blue.” Feel free to take pride in your Air Jordan kicks dressed in a royalty shade whether you are playing for your team or partying with a small group of friends. All this when you slip into these amazing shoes for basketball royalties just like you.
Trophy Room x Air Jordan 16 French Blue
It’s Air Jordan 16

Since it’s an Air Jordan 16, you can anticipate for its many exciting trademark features. It has the patent leather covering which was first made popular in the AJ 11. This particular feature makes this pair of sneakers versatile enough to cope with your many activities. And, it has got an amazing surprise in store for you with the removable leather shroud. So if you wish to reveal the laces concealed in the leather cover wrapped all around the sole, you might opt to remove the shroud anytime.

No more worries for you can enjoy the Trophy Room x Air Jordan 16 “French Blue” along with its various functional features. It has the popular cushioned sole to keep your feet cozy and comfy in your rigorous activities. That means you can keep your feet protected whenever you are in the hard court trying to tire yourself out. No matter how high you go or how far you reach, your AJ 16 is there to keep your feet in good gaming condition.
Trophy Room x Air Jordan 16 French Blue
Here’s the best part of the story. Trophy Room x Air Jordan 16 “French Blue” is soon to be released early November for only $275 exclusive at the Trophy Room in Disney Springs Orlando.

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