Top Pick: Air Jordan 14 Indiglo

As high as Michael Jordan’s vertical leap is the amazing Air Jordan 14 Indiglo sneakers that can surely take you all the way to the hard court’s heaven. If you happen to be wondering why, here are some good reasons to convince you about getting yourself a pair of this shoes.But before all the fuzz, let me tell you that it’s simple yet hip for a cool hop.
Air Jordan 14 Retro Black/Black-White-Vivid-Green (Indiglo 2016)

Air Jordan 14 Indiglo
Black/White-Vivid Green
August 13, 2016|Mens, Grade School

Care for a minimalist shoes going back to the basic black and white mix. Sporting a black and white color scheme with a touch of green, this pair of good shoes could match any shade of jersey that you wish to wear. Whether you want to go for the flashy red or the deep blue tone, rest assured that your Air Jordan 14 Indiglo will never go shy. So you do not have to worry if your basketball coach changes his mind about the perfect hues to liven up your new uniform. Trust me, your MJ sneakers will always come in handy.
Air Jordan 14 Retro Black/Black-White-Vivid-Green (Indiglo 2016)
Oh yes you read it right! It is among the finest Air Jordan shoes and your expectations are welcome with MJ’s trademark of sweeping shots up in the air. May it be a slam dunk or a fadeaway jump shot, you can always seize the gravity-defying feature of Air Jordan 14 Indiglo especially designed to keep you up and running. Just make sure you have got the finest move to make the most of your basketball shots. You may anticipate for a smooth land no matter how high you go out there to score some points for your team.
Air Jordan 14 Retro Black/Black-White-Vivid-Green (Indiglo 2016)
With Air Jordan Air Jordan 14 Indiglo, feel free to get almost anything covered on your foot. You will be getting the best from its reputation featuring the comfortable interior and sturdy exterior perfect on hard court keeping you ready to face your ball games anytime. It looks like a stunner with the green shades catching up with the hip black and white dominant shades.
Air Jordan 14 Retro Black/Black-White-Vivid-Green (Indiglo 2016)
If you happen to be curious where’s the MJ Air logo, you may want to check out the side of the shoes. There you will find the jumping Jordan logo on green backdrop reminding you of his glorious moves as soon as he levitates his way up to the basketball ring. And, you would not want to miss out the chances of getting a share of the experience with Air Jordan 14 Indiglo.

Air Jordan 14 Retro Black/Black-White-Vivid-Green (Indiglo 2016)
Here’s the best part of the story. Indeed, 23 is back and Jordan releases 2016 are already up for grabs. Make a reservation for your pair of Air Jordan 14 Indiglo at your favorite stores.

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