The stage is set for the Air Jordan 3 Joker comeback

Design Concept

The Air Jordan 3 “Joker” traces its root all the way back to 2013 when it was unveiled as a member of the slick pack chosen to represent the giant shoemaker in that year’s edition of the All-Star’s showdown that was held in Houston. Now, these graceful new Jordans are set for a re-release but this time they are meant as ordinary everyday sneakers.
Air Jordan 3 Joker

Air Jordan 3 Joker
Black/Electric Green-Canyon Purple-White
February 16, 2013

The sneaker’s earned the “Joker” tag due to their striking color similarity with Batman’s all-time protagonist, the Joker. They take on the arch-villain’s famous vibrant green color scheme that is used bewitchingly to accentuate the dark look of the body.

Features of the Air Jordan 3 “Joker”

The Air Jordan 3 “Joker” upside is a riveting blend of vibrancy with the dark canvas complimented gorgeously by two beautifully contrasting color codes. The first is a purple-white texture that is displayed by the intertwined set of laces and handcuff-esque lace lock embroidery on either side of the tongue. The tongue itself, on the other hand, is of an obsidian theme however it emerges on the other side of the laces in a matching color to that of the said laces.
Air Jordan 3 Joker
A crayon-green alteration lines the tip of the collar region before engulfing the entire interior of the shoes in ecstatic lime-green. The company trademark is also of the same beautiful shade and is gorgeously fixed on to the face of the tongue. The upper body green finally culminates in a pair of aesthetic lace holes that decorate the front tip of the tongue entrance.

Down below, an enchanting contour of white makes the midsole offering a rich blended of sparkling diversity to the two shouting colors. The outsole, however, carries on the upper body work with it featuring a beautifully patterned background that incorporates the two main color variations. An almost circular island of obsidian dons the front of the bottom surrounded by a border of green to one side and a sea of white to the other. And on the latter region, a darkly outlined Air Jordan imprint stands out defiantly.
Air Jordan 3 Joker
And to add the finishing Jordan touch, another lime-green Jumpan is artistically fused to the back of the black heel below a cascading set of decorative lines.

Details about the cost and date

The Jordan release 2018 roadmap has been very eventful thus far and it’s going to get even more intriguing as the Air Jordan 3 “Joker” is pitted for a February release. Details around the pricing are a bit sketchy but going by the $ 160 tag of its predecessor, the new figure should be more or less around that region.

Air Jordan 3 Joker

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