Jordan Westbrook 0.2 Camo – Reminiscing the 90s

The 23 is back – and so is Westbrook with his 0.2 Camo.

There’s definitely something about being able to wear your own signature style on the court. Westbrook must be excited as another one of his signature kicks makes its debut in the market, featuring a high-cut style with a unique approach to a classic.

Jordan Westbrook 0.2 Black/Sail-Black (Camo)

Jordan Westbrook 0.2 Camo
October 15, 2016|Mens

Camos became extremely popular in the 90s as numerous celebrities dress up in this military attire through stylish pants, shirts, jackets, and more. No doubt that somewhere within the 90s, camo shoes was also made available in the market.
Jordan Westbrook 0.2 Black/Sail-Black (Camo)
The Jordan Westbrook 0.2 Camo however is a little different from the rest. To start off, it’s not all camo but rather, provides a steady combination of camouflage and black, delineated in clean horizontal strips. The camo is particularly located on the center of the shoes, the back portion and the whole of the tongue. Everything else is done in simple black lines with just a strip of white as soles.

From the back, you can see the Jumpman logo conspicuously placed on the Camo strip. The tongue also sports the Westbrook logo rather than something from Jordan. The laces aren’t the typical ones you see but look more like strips of leather, making them the perfect foil against the body. The only question is whether you can easily find the same type of laces should the original ones become worn down
Jordan Westbrook 0.2 Black/Sail-Black (Camo)
One thing though: the soles seem to be a little too thin – but it’s possible that the pictures only make it so.

All in all, the Camo 0.2 looks like a good buy if you’re in search of something different than the traditional Jordan. The design itself is pretty good and should blend well when worn in casual gathering. The variance in colors provides variations in texture, but not too much in depth.

Great! But how much will this cost? Unfortunately, Nike isn’t forthcoming about that information. Hence, there’s really no telling how much this item will cost once it hit the shelves. Hopefully, it would remain within the $100 to $180 price range you usually find the Air Jordan models in.
Jordan Westbrook 0.2 Black/Sail-Black (Camo)
As to release however, Nike says it would be out by the 8th of October this year. Hence, if you love the camouflage look and want to remake the 90s, this would be an excellent silhouette to purchase. Thanks to the color combination, this dark horse would look good partnered with all sorts of clothing choices.

Of course, there are other Jordan releases available today. If you don’t like this – rest assured that more will be on sale soon!

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