Jordan Super.Fly 5 Team Pack Now Available for Over $100

When Air Jordan says that 23 is back, it means that the brand will have a new lineup of kicks that appeal to its target market. Among these upcoming pieces is Jordan Super.Fly 5 Team Pack, a footwear that is guarantee to attract your attention.
jordan superfly 5 team black
The Jordan Super.Fly 5 Team Pack will sport uniform-inspired colorways. Unlike other models, buyers have four colorway choices to suit their personal styles. Four color options include black, Midnight Navy, Gym Red, and Game Royal. While the availability of different color options is this footwear’s selling point, the brand ensures to provide details that make each piece stand out through their own features.
jordan superfly 5 team royal blue
Their main colors are placed throughout the uppers. Rather than using subdued shades, the brand uses bright shades that give these pieces an electrifying feel that other Jordans don’t have. The clors for the uppers of Game Royal and Gym Red extend to the midsole. For the black and Midnight Navy colorway, the upper’s color extends to the midsole, but on the midsole of the heel area. The half part utilizes white midsole, which accentuates the dark shade on the upper.

The uppers also have rugged details brought by knitted-like treatment of the materials. They give the footwear a coarse surface, but somehow displays movement. This feeling of movement makes this shoes ideal for people doing activities and sports in wearing these pairs.
jordan superfly 5 team red
For the midsole, the brand gave them speckles to highlight the pieces’ overall look. But rather than using prominent speckles, Air Jordan kept them minimal, but sufficient to give this line’s look a kick. Wrapping up the midsole’s design is the white outer sole.

Jordan Super.Fly 5 Team Pack also has its unique detailing that makes the entire line look exceptional. Each piece has the Jumpman logo placed on the ankle area and on the tongue. Both details are placed in white color to accent the entire footwear design. The word “Zoom” is also placed on the front part of the midsole. But rather than place it on the tip, the brand placed it on the side together with the speckles as additional accent. Wrapping up the entire footwear is the long tongue that extends higher than the upper, round shoelaces, and four loops for the shoelaces.
jordan superfly 5 team navy
The Jordan Super.Fly 5 Team Pack can now be purchased at select Jordan sellers and retail stores. Buyers can also get this model at for $140. Be sure to read more details about this line to know the actual sellers that will distribute it.

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