Drake In MJ with OVO Air Jordan 12

Are you wondering what Drake is up to lately? Aside from his latest album is his latest collaboration with Nike featuring his brainchild the OVO Air Jordan 12. And, he is about to make another trend with this newly released pair of sneakers loaded with signature AJ feats coupled with the musician’s inspiration. Learn why you can expect another platinum from the recording star out of this pair of kicks.
OVO Air Jordan 12
Classy in Black and White

While there is no rivalry when it comes to color, the OVO Air Jordan 12 in black as well as white variants are equally differentiated by their distinctive visual charms. The white version goes along with some touch of gold both on the upper and lower sides of the sneakers. You will also find a golden AJ jumpman logo on the tongue and another one on the forefoot portion which is embossed on the outsole. The same logos can be found in the black version of the shoe which goes darker and darker from top to bottom.

Whether you like white chocolate or black chocolate, rest assured that you will get the same level of satisfaction when it comes to your preferred mix of sweets. Grab a taste of victory with OVO Air Jordan 12 with its champ design marked with October’s Very Own on the exterior sole not to mention the wide-eyed golden owl on the interior sole. That is the stamp of Drake in his special collection of AJ sneakers.
OVO Air Jordan 12
Lightweight and Comfy Yet Distinct

It is OVO but it is still AJ so you can expect a lightweight pair of sneakers perfect not only in the basketball court but also in the music stage. With its lightweight design, you can take the OVO Air Jordan 12 on grounds you wish to conquer. Especially designed to let you soar high, this pair of sneakers will never tug you down when you intend to make a great leap. But, you can always anticipate for a soft land with its cushioned interior.

What makes it distinct from other AJs is the stingray leather for the mudguards which happens to be another great offering from the OVO Air Jordan 12. It gives off a bumpy texture that complements the suave black and clean white chromes of its two variants. Sure, you have got a pair of stunners from Drake’s AJ collection.

Well indeed 23 is back and jordan releases 2016 this year include the OVO Air Jordan 12. Expect new more stylish new jordans to come out down the line.

OVO Air Jordan 12

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