Doernbecher Air Jordan 7 Spreads Inspiration

In case you are wondering what you can expect from the Annual Doernbecher Freestyle Collection for the year 2016, you better brace yourself for Doernbecher Air Jordan 7 to take the center stage. This pair of stunners comes in a minimalist yet inspirational packaging perfect to bring out some sense of hope and sincerity. Learn more about this interesting sneakers worth the spotlight real soon.

Oh So Bright in White

Take a good glimpse at Doernbecher Air Jordan 7 in a clean white shade sporting a display-worthy guise for the charity design exhibition right before the Halloween. Good guess the organizers are keeping it clean until the explosion of colors during the unveiling of especially designed versions of this Jordan edition. Trust me, this would no longer go bare in the hands of creative little artists ready to unleash their creative standpoint in sneakers design.

It is only fair to keep your hopes up with six little artists chosen to give some magical touch to the Doernbecher Air Jordan 7. An auction on their masterpiece sneakers will be held at Portland, Oregon on October 28, 2016 with proceeds in favor of the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. This event is being organized every year to inspire patient-designers and at the same time raise funds for the health institution. Last year’s exhibit was successful since its first kick-off in 2007.
Air Jordan 7 Doernbecher
Oh So True For The Crew

What is with Doernbecher Air Jordan 7 having made it to the Doernbecher sneakers collection? From AJ 13 in 2015, here comes AJ 7 all in the hands of the six creative little craftmen ready to make it even more appealing to collectors. This Jordan edition of retro sneakers sure looks great on bare tone but you should wait for a revolutionary makeover as soon as the kids are done with their major project.

No worries, nothing will be altered from the Doernbecher Air Jordan 7 silhouette. The jumpman logo on the tongue will be sticking around along with every criss and cross. And, all this trademark features shall be highlighted by kiddie creativity. You will definitely get to see them in vibrant designs in October and you may grab your favorite pair when they are available for public release in November.

For now, you will have to sit back and relax before the parade of Doernbecher Air Jordan 7 in different designs all because 23 is back and Jordan releases will soon bounce back on stage. Air Jordan is sure to push out more new models of sneakers down the line, so you have to stay tuned.

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