Air Jordan XXXI Shattered Backboard Release Date

If you plan to buy just one Air Jordan model for this year, the Air Jordan XXXI Shattered Backboard might well be the one perfect for you. This is the kind of colorway that you just can’t ignore with its shocking combination of black and orange.

Air Jordan XXX1 (31) Black/Black-Starfish (Shattered Backboard)

Air Jordan XXX1 Shattered Backboard
October 8, 2016|Mens

The shoes are set for an October 8th release with a price tag of just $185. Were saying “just” because there are several other Air Jordan models with a steeper price tag, but there’s no arguing that there are cheaper ones like the Air Jordan 3 GS.
Air Jordan XXX1 (31) Black/Black-Starfish (Shattered Backboard)
The 23 is back with this model and to simply describe it as a combination of orange and black would be too simplistic, not to mention insulting to the brand. The fact is that it’s incredibly hard to properly describe the shoes.
Air Jordan XXX1 (31) Black/Black-Starfish (Shattered Backboard)
“Shattered Backboard” is a perfect name for it thanks to the shattered looking along the trim of the kicks. From a solid orange along the back, the shoes slowly disintegrate in coloring, turning from black to what seems to be a combination of white and orange. Think of the shoes as pixilated with colors that vary from black to orange per pixel. This leads to a very elaborate pattern despite the fact that there are really only three colors used: orange, black, and white.
Air Jordan XXX1 (31) Black/Black-Starfish (Shattered Backboard)
On the side you’ve got the unmistakable Jumpman silhouette done in black amidst an orange background. Barely perceptible but definitely there is the Swoosh design with the tail end disappearing towards the orange portion. There seems to be an emblem of the Wings on the opposite side of the Jumpman although Nike decided not to use coloring. Instead, the Wings are shown as a depression, making them barely perceptible.

The tongue is kept solid black and from what you can tell by the pictures, the center spot has a small Jumpman logo. Like the Wings however, it’s created as a depression and doesn’t use a different color.
Air Jordan XXX1 (31) Black/Black-Starfish (Shattered Backboard)
The soles are done in transparent orange with a bit of black on top. Although you can’t instantly see it, buyers will appreciate how the orange hue extends to the end-sole portion of the kicks, right below the heels.

The laces are rounded and kept solid back. That’s definitely a plus since you can easily find a replacement in case the laces get lost or are worn down.
Air Jordan XXX1 (31) Black/Black-Starfish (Shattered Backboard)
All in all, these high-cut shoes are definitely made to make a statement. From the looks of it, the Air Jordan XXXI Shattered Backboard would be a favorite thanks to the pixel picture. Like it? Make sure you’re first in line on the 8th of October and continue checking for new Jordan releases.

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