Air Jordan XXX1 N7 – A Nod to the Native American Youth

Before we talk about the design itself of the Air Jordan XXX1 N7, it’s important to first point out exactly what the line is for. The N7 line is dedicated towards the Aboriginal and Native American youth looking for physical activity and sports involvement.

Air Jordan XXX1 N7

Air Jordan XXX1 N7
Black/Black-Dark Turquoise-White
November 7, 2016|Mens

It’s therefore not surprising that the N7 has the look and feel of a sportswear from practically any angle. Utilizing classic colors of black, white, and blue – Nike decided to use the colors interchangeably so that there’s no definite line’ separating the different shades. Instead, you get a pixel-like’ quality to the shoes where the two polar opposite colors blend together beautifully.

Air Jordan XXX1 N7

Starting from the top, the N7 features a seamless white design that gradually turns into black as it approaches the trim. In the middle, you’ve got the Swoosh design that’s done in pixilated black – clean, simple, and eye-catching amidst the majority of white.

Other than the Swoosh logo, there’s also the Jumpman silhouette but this one is boasting of a solid black color placed at the side, near the heels. It’s incredibly obvious – especially since the background is solid white. On the other side is the Wings logo – this one embossed onto the white leather. Hence, there are just indentations which aren’t really that obvious but helps wrap up the whole look of the shoe.

Air Jordan XXX1 N7

The blue shading is a bit more subtle and confined to the upper sole, smack in the middle. There’s also some gray shading and an outsole that’s done in translucent blue. The midsole is plain white and clean so that the outsole becomes more defined in its coloring.

The tongue is kept white, the center spot displaying two different logos for the left and the right portion. From the top, you can easily see the interior of the shoes displaying an Eagle logo as a nod to the shoe’s inspiration.

The laces are kept white with a round pattern rather than a flat design. The fact that they’re white means you can easily find a replacement for them should you need to.

Air Jordan XXX1 N7

All in all, it’s a pretty good buy with a price tag of $185. It’s a bit expensive but considering the typical Air Jordan prices, the Air Jordan XXX1 N7 is well within the typical price range. These kicks will be available on the 7th of November this year.

Of course if the N7 is not for you, you can always check out other Jordan releases 2016. Considering how the 23 is back and bigger than ever, you can be sure that there are LOTS of designs to choose from.

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