Air Jordan Retro 4 PRM Obsidian – Classic Blue

Another remarkable release from Air Jordan is the Air Jordan Retro 4 PRM “Obisidian”.

The coloring is definitely something that grabs the attention. Boasting of a royal blue color with distinctive snakeskin detailing, the shoes are kept simple with the addition of plain white soles instead of something dazzling.

Air Jordan Retro 4 PRM Obsidian/Obsidian-White

Air Jordan Retro 4 PRM Obsidian
September 17, 2016

It’s actually a great decision for Air Jordan since they’re hitting for all time’ with these shoes instead of something that may be forgotten over the years. No doubt about it, the Obsidian is something that would look in practically any situation.

Air Jordan Retro 4 PRM Obsidian/Obsidian-White

Adding to the overall package are metallic lace holders strategically placed on both ends parallel to the tongue. This creates a 4-point focal point that adds color to the design. The beauty here is that by going for metallic bronze, Air Jordan has cemented the classic look and feel of the shoes. Needless to say – metal isn’t something that would soon go out of style.

The Jumpman icon is still there, located on the middle of the tongue and the back of the shoes where the heels are supposed to rest. We’re not sure whether making the icon the same color as the shoes is a good thing. Instead of placing a different material on top of the leather however, Air Jordan simply decided to raise’ the surface material to create that Jumpman look. The result is a smooth integration of the icon. The bad news though – this makes the logo hard to notice, especially since the color is practically the same with the whole shoes. Still, it’s something you can see when you look closely enough. Also, don’t forget the installations of bronze on top of the heels, like little spikes from the back.

Air Jordan Retro 4 PRM Obsidian/Obsidian-White

The laces are kept in the same blue color but a little lighter, no doubt to have it easily seen as compared with the rest of the shoes. There’s nothing really remarkable about these laces except for their color and the fact that you might have a hard time finding replacement laces to go with the shoes.

The classic look doesn’t come cheap though. The Air Jordan Retro 4 PRM Obsidian will retail for $400 which is whopping DOUBLE of what the typical Air Jordan sells. So yes – the 23 is back, but it could break your pocket with this particular design.

Air Jordan Retro 4 PRM Obsidian/Obsidian-White

Of course, if you’re thinking of buying just one pair of Air Jordan this year – why not make it this one? Chances are the kicks will be limited in number and there might not be another one for decades. The Obsidian will be available on the 17th of September this year.

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