Air Jordan 9 OG “Space Jam” – 20 Years and Counting

We understand you’re probably confused with all the “Space Jams” being released in the market today. Don’t go crazy as Air Jordan adds to the list with the Air Jordan 9 OG Space Jam. This one is remarkably different from the other Space Jam however as it follows the Air Jordan 9 silhouette rather than the Air Jordan 11 form. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? You be the judge.
Air Jordan 9 OG Space Jam

Air Jordan 9 Retro OG
White/Black-True Red
December 3, 2016|Mens

To start off, the Air Jordan 9 has a sleeker and more modern body, using a combination of black and white crisscrossing on the shoes. It’s not better than the Air Jordan 11 form – but it’s definitely not worse. In fact, the Air Jordan 9 OG Space Jam is in a league all of its own. Despite the basic coloring, it exudes a very futuristic look. If you look closely, the colors and pattern are actually more reminiscent of Storm Troopers from Star Ways – maybe Nike should rename this one?
Air Jordan 9 OG Space Jam
No matter what the name however, there’s no question that it’s every bit as appealing. The top portion is covered in clean white with black sole and white outsoles. From the images, it’s easy to see that the materials used have a unique texture to them with definite patterns that add to the depth of the kicks. The tongue is divided between black and white with the top portion covered in the dark color. The Jumpman logo can be seen dead center of the shoes stitched in pink threads. It’s a surprising color choice but as always, Nike made the whole thing work.
Air Jordan 9 OG Space Jam
What really stands out for these shoes are the laces which are done in black rounds. Unlike other kicks however, they’re not closely laced together but are far apart, creating very definite “Xs” on the tongue surface. As a result, the white tongue underneath is very easily seen and somehow creates the impression that there isn’t any tongue at all.
Air Jordan 9 OG Space Jam
The interior is done in black that extends all the way to the back portion. From here you can see another Jumpman logo with that distinctive pink coloring that stands out against the black background. On the bottom is the number 23 – again in pink (undeniably, 23 is back).

From the sides below the soles is another Jumpman logo marking.
Air Jordan 9 OG Space Jam
With Space Jam celebrating its 20th year anniversary – this is what Air Jordan has to offer all the fans – and they definitely did something right. The kicks are set for a December 3 release this 2016. The price is set at $190 which is actually a fair price to pay for a little piece of cartoon-movie-basketball history.

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Air Jordan 9 OG Space Jam

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