Air Jordan 8 Alternate Classically White

The number 23 is back! Set for a February 2017 release, the Air Jordan 8 Alternate is one of those ‘just right’ designs that should prove appealing to a large number of people. Not exactly unique in a long line of designs, it is best described as a ‘classic’, utilizing three of the most popular colors for the Air Jordan line: red, black and white.

Air Jordan 8 Alternate

Air Jordan 8 Alternate
White/Gym Red-Black-Wolf Grey
February 25, 2017|Mens

How does it look like?

The shoes are primarily done in white, encompassing the vamp, the quarter panel, and even the heel portion of the shoes. The expanse of clean white is interrupted by small patches of black with bursts of red that adds character to the overall design.

Air Jordan 8 Alternate

The most defining feature is probably the strap moving from the heels all the way to the edge of the tongue. Slim and flat, the strap is kept black with a buckle on the edge of the line, offering a very sharp contrast against the white.

Air Jordan 8 Alternate

The tongue is madein black with a very obvious Jumpman logo displayed on the middle. The icon is beautifully embroidered onto the material instead of just being stitched on.

Air Jordan 8 Alternate

The collar lining is done in black along with portions of the midsole. The outsole, however, is a slim line of red, creating a burst of color in what would otherwise be a bland pair of shoes. More red can be seen as markings just around the heel counter and heel stabilizer.

The laces are kept white and flat, making them blend nicely with the overall design. It is always a plus if the laces are basic because this makes it very easy to replace them should there be a need.

Air Jordan 8 Alternate

One defining portion of the kicks is the lapels on the front, crisscrossing the top part and slightly covering the laces. Emblazoned on the center is the number 23, pristine in its white coloring and beautifully blending with the appeal of the kicks.

All in all, it is a fairly simple take on a classic structure. The Air Jordan 8 “Alternate” is an excellent choice if you are looking for something that will stand the test of time – style-wise. It will be available on the 25th of February and will sell for just $190.

Air Jordan 8 Alternate

Of course, there are more Jordan releases 2017 set in the following months, just in case the Air Jordan 8 Alternate does not appeal to you. Make sure to check out new releases often and find out whether the new colorway is the one for you.

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