Air Jordan 6 GS Premium Heiress Black and White

The first assumption you would make after hearing about the Air Jordan 6 GS Premium “Heiress” is that it is going to be expensive – which is not the case at all. Priced at just $160, the kicks are actually cheaper than other models today of the same brand. Of course, you should also consider the fact that they are grade school size so a lot of guys might be disappointed.

Air Jordan 6 GS Premium Heiress

Air Jordan 6 GS Premium Heiress
February 17, 2017|Grade School

23 is Back with Heiress Design

Officially dubbed with the colors of black and white, the kicks are beautiful in its simplicity. One look and you can instantly tell that the shoes are built to last with the Air Jordan team focusing more on depth and texture instead of color combinations.

Air Jordan 6 GS Premium Heiress

Hence, there is not much to describe when it comes to colors. The silhouette, however, makes use of a layering approach that is the primary design of the kicks. A black on black ensemble can be noted with the underlying portion looking soft in the velvety material used.

Air Jordan 6 GS Premium Heiress

The tongue is obviously black with equally dark laces. From the images, it is hard to tell whether the front of the shoes will have a Jumpman icon on the tongue. What can be said, however, is that there is a very obvious lace lock on the surface that is built to be transparent, therefore keeping the black theme on point.

Air Jordan 6 GS Premium Heiress

The heel portion displays the Jumpman logo. However, Nike approached this design by simply raising a part of the material into the icon so that the Jumpman is the same color as everything else. Fortunately, the logo technique is obvious enough to be instantly seen when worn.

Finishing it all off is a pristine white layer of soles. Not much can be said about the soles since Air Jordan opted for simplicity on this one. The outsole though is of a translucent hue which adds a middle ground to the two extremes of black and white.

Air Jordan 6 GS Premium Heiress

Jordan Releases Schedule

The kicks should be out on the 17th of February 2017. If you want them, make sure to put in your order as early as now. Remember though that they are available in GS sizes and not the regular issues.

Air Jordan 6 GS Premium Heiress

All in all, the Heiress is a fairly impressive piece of an Air Jordan issue. It is appealing in its simplicity with a look that is made for all occasions. Of course, not everyone may be fond of its basic appeal.

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