It’s Back: Nike Air Jordan 4 Pure Money

Nike air jordan 4 pure money is meant to conquer the house once again with its release real soon. Well before you get to finally meet this pair of stunners, you might want to get up close and personal with these retro sneakers finding its way back into the modern day games. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect.
Air Jordan 4 Pure Money
Light and Comfy Design

Like the AJ sneakers you have learned to love, Nike air jordan 4 pure money comes in a lightweight design perfect to optimize your basketball moves. This pair of jumpers helps you make the most of your vertical leap when you go for a great fadeaway shot. This model is also made from light materials despite its bulky appearance which enthusiasts find cool. That means you have got more to discover from these sneakers than what purely meets the eye. Rest assured that you will take your game lightly with these shoes on featuring the AJ logo on the back and on the sole.

Yes, it is a basketball battle shoes but your feet don’t have to endure so much. Nike air jordan 4 pure money has got the most comfortable interior which has been tried and tested by Jordan himself in his basketball games. So it wouldn’t be too bad to try on the same model of shoes worn by MJ in his glorious games. And, you might want to slip into the same zest and power embodied by the basketball veteran in his winning matches.
Air Jordan 4 Pure Money
Clean and Stunning Look

Of course you would not want to miss out the Great White to join your collection of champ sneakers. Nike air jordan 4 pure money takes pride of its all-white color scheme perfect to suit any of your basketball uniforms and your most priced jeans. Whether you are up for a basketball match or typical hangouts in malls, you will find this pair of classic AJ very much handy.

What’s more about this all-white shoes? Nike air jordan 4 pure money sports a touch of mesh on the side panels and on the upper central portion. It gives a tough of something rough and edgy perfect to complement the clean and all white packaging of this product. With this AJ sneakers, you can always go for a clean play just like how MJ got his victories.

There’s no hesitation in the air right now. Sure, 23 is back; Jordan releases 2017 will soon stir the winds.

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