Air Jordan 4 Cleats Gym Red White – Dank and Co Trademark

The 23 is back and it is better than ever! You did not think Air Jordan would be able to bring out another scene stealer but as it turns out, they’re more than capable with this Air Jordan 4 “Cleats” Gym Red-White.

Don’t be fooled with the “white” word in the name though, these kicks are more “red” than anything else. Carrying the signature Gym Red shade, this Air Jordan 4 silhouette is the kind that just begs to be seen and looked at.
Air Jordan 4 Red Cleats
The body of the shoes is mainly done in red with those unmistakable splashes of white. Air Jordan decided to have pure white coloring used, making the red stand out even better than before. The white shade is limited to the soles, the laces, and those strategically placed lace holders that add to the overall look of the shoes. On top of the pure white soles, there is a very small line of speckled red which adds to the attitude. It is not exactly something you can easily see but somehow, it manages to help pull off the look.
Air Jordan 4 Red Cleats
The laces are done in clean white so there’s this huge pop that just draws the eyes to the center of the shoes. To keep the eyes ON the shoes, you have got big label placed on the center of the tongue. No – it is not the Jumpman which is usually the first logo you would see on an Air Jordan shoe. Instead, there is a Dank and Co. Trademark with the letters done in red against a clean square of white.
Air Jordan 4 Red Cleats
Do not worry though – the Jumpman is somewhere on the shoes – specifically on the back where the heels go. The size is fairly within average and done in pure white so as not to mess up the general look and feel of the shoes. Although the soles is mainly done in white, there’s also this obvious strips of red of the outsole – just a little bit of color to balance out the look.

To create depth and texture, you’ll find layering of red leather to create the shoes. It is not just one big strip – there are several stitched made to create an iconic Air Jordan 4 form. A patch of reddish-black netting on the side completes the look.
Air Jordan 4 Red Cleats
All in all, it is a pretty excellent piece and at just $95 – it is fairly inexpensive for an Air Jordan shoe. As for the date of release though – everyone will just have to wait.

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