Air Jordan 4 Cleats – Child Cancer Awareness Month

23 is back with the Air Jordan 4 Cleats and unfortunately… it’s not for everyone.

The sentiment behind this Jordan releases is definitely noble and although it’s unlikely that they’ll be available in Jordan stores, it’s at least fun to look and scrutinize the Air Jordan 4 Cleats.
Air Jordan 4 Cleats
To start off – they’re cleats and not basketball shoes. Given directly to player Gio Gonzales whose part of the Washington Nationals, the shoes are commemorative of the Child Cancer Awareness Month and the Childhood Cancer Awareness Day.

Wearing them on the field, the shoes is Air Jordan’s golden nod to kids everywhere fighting their own battles.

One look and you instantly know that the Air Jordan 4 Cleats are a special edition release. For one thing – they’re completely done in GOLD. Not real gold in the metallic sense but in the color sense, each inch of the shoes covered in this eye-catching color.

Does it make aesthetic sense to cover the Air Jordan 4 silhouette with gold? Not really. When combined together and with no other contrasting shade, a full-on gold shoe may look stunning at first and steadily declines from there.
Air Jordan 4 Cleats
But of course, not everyone might have the same opinion and to be honest – these shoes are meant to be noticed and remembered – and they do exactly that!

The stitching, soles, and tongue are all covered in gold coloring. The only odd one out is the laces which are done in black – making it easy to change them should there be a need. Even the Jumpman logo on the center of the tongue is done in gold, embedded onto the surface of the leather to create that clean lining.

There’s also the AIR design along the bottom end of the soles, this time slightly raised to make it noticeable. The netting on the side along with the lace holders are also done in gold coloring. Unfortunately, images for the shoes don’t provide an extensive look at all sides.

And of course – you can see the cleats jutting out from the bottom.

Supposedly to be worn during the game against New York Mets, there’s no telling how much these shoes cost, especially since they’re limited edition. Hopefully, a few dozen will be released for fans who want a pair for their own collection. No doubt about it – they will be expensive but on the plus side, there’s a good chance that the proceeds will be donated for a good cause.

Right now – just look and envy those cleats and hope that a slightly changed version will be made available for the masses!

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