Air Jordan 3 GS – Blue Cap

Also known as the Air Jordan 3 Blue Cap, the 23 is back with this brand new installation for the 2016 series. Featuring an atomic pink blue cap and pink dust coloring, Nike decided to go for balance without losing the WOW factor that usually comes with Air Jordan silhouettes.

To start off, most of the shoes is done in the blue coloring with a bit of branching design on both ends of the shoes. Using a layer of dark blue and what appears to be sky blue, this creates a nice balance for the shoes.

Air Jordan 3 GS Blue Cap

Air Jordan 3 GS
Dark Purple Dust/Atomic Pink-Blue Cap
October 29, 2016|Grade School, Pre-School, Infant & Toddler

The pink coloring is mainly confined to the logos. The Jumpman in particular is done in pink and placed on the center of the tongue. Along the side flaps we’ve got the number 8 also done in pink.
Air Jordan 3 GS Blue Cap
If there’s anything we don’t like about the Air Jordan 3 GS is the fact that there’s very little information about the product today. Images are limited to a very basic front and side view, which doesn’t give buyers enough to go on. What about the heels and the right side of the kicks? A good guess is if the heels also sport the Jumpman logo which is fairly standard in most Air Jordan shoes.
Air Jordan 3 GS Blue Cap
The tongue is done in the same solid blue as the rest of the body. The laces are flat type and are a shade darker than the kicks, making it easier to spot them against the body. Their basic coloring makes it effortless to find replacement laces, just in case you might need them in the long run.
Air Jordan 3 GS Blue Cap
The soles are done in three layers with the top portion sporting sky blue pastel. The middle layer is done in plain and thick white while the outsole boasts of a thinner dark blue. There are no patterns of designs to speak of, Nike obviously preferring a straight and simple design for the soles.
Air Jordan 3 GS Blue Cap
To be made available on the 29th of October, this is one of the few Jordan releases with a slightly lower price tag at just $140. Hence, if you’re looking for a quality Jordan model but like to keep the price within reasonable levels, this would be the perfect shoe to grab. With a classic design that looks good practically anywhere, you shouldn’t have any problem wearing these kicks for a long time.
Air Jordan 3 GS Blue Cap
Make sure to put in your reservations now as the shoes become available in selected Jordan brand stores. There’s no telling how long they’ll last. Of course, if the Air Jordan 3 GS doesn’t suit your tastes, there are more designs scheduled for 2016.

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