Air Jordan 12 “Playoffs” Cementing a Classic

It is tough to look at the Air Jordan 12 silhouette without being hit by a bout of nostalgia. Despite the design’s release year after year, there is no question that this particular style never grows old – especially as Air Jordan comes up with more and more colorways to reinvent the pattern. Heading the line of Jordan releases 2017, the Air Jordan 12 “Playoffs” is predicted to be a favorite among all those looking for a taste of the classic.

Air Jordan 12

Air Jordan 12 Playoffs
Black/Varsity Red-White
February 25, 2017|Mens

Shoe Design

The off-center look of the Air Jordan 12 is fairly familiar to everyone along with Nike’s preference of dividing the kicks with two opposing colors. Well, they did the same thing with the Air Jordan 12 Playoffs – using the classic yin and yang theme of black and white.

Air Jordan 12

The black color encompasses most of the kicks while the other half is composed of textured white. The signature curved vertical lines run along the shoes, presenting a very clean profile to lookers. The tongue is kept basic in black with the rounded shoelaces following the same shade and pattern. It is always a good thing if the laces are something you can easily find in any store. This way – you can replace them at will and get that ‘always new’ feel for the kicks.

Air Jordan 12
As for logos, the center of the tongue has a bright red stitching of the Jumpman. Vertically placed on the tongue are the words TWO 3 which is typical of these kicks. From the back, you will notice JORDAN tag and the number emblazoned on the surface.

Air Jordan 12

The words JUMPMAN are placed along the side near the soles, beautifully displaying what the shoes are all about. The soles are kept clean in white coloring with a distinct texture, adding depth to the overall look of the shoes. To cap it all, metallic materials are placed along the side of the shoes.

All in all, it is easy to see why the Air Jordan 12 is considered a classic. With the Playoffs, Air Jordan simply cemented their reign in the sports shoe industry.

Air Jordan 12

The 23 is back this February 25th 2017, together with other classic silhouettes along with a few new ones. The Playoffs will sell for just $170 which is remarkably cheaper than the other products available in the market today.

Of course, other Jordan releases in 2017 are expected to hit the shelves in the following days. If the Air Jordan 12 “Playoffs” isn’t to your taste, you can always look forward to other designs set for release.

Air Jordan 12

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