Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon Up Close

How about the best of AJ 12 in a black package? Introducing the Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon which happens to be the latest addition to Jordan 12’s impressive sneakers collection. Learn why you should grab yourself a pair of these awesome kicks with its many cool feats. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from the all black AJ 12.
Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon

Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon
Black/White-Gym Red
130690-004|Full Family Size
September 10, 2016|$190

It is Black and It is Nylon

So it’s a classic black pair of sneakers that you can wear with any of your basketball uniforms. Feel free to wear your favorite red jersey with the number 23 to complete your Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon outfit. And, this pair of stunners comes with a touch of red and white shades that perfectly complement the dark vibe. There’s the red jumpman logo on the tongue and another stain of red with the number 23 can be found on the exterior sole fully dressed in white. You may also want to check out the number 23 on the rear portion of the sole not to mention the Jumpman logo carved right in front of the shoes.
Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon
Oh yes, it is made of Nylon so you can expect a sturdy pair of Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon. This variant of sneakers sports Nylon material that guarantees excellent waterproofing to keep your feet dry rain or shine. You will never have to say no to outdoor basketball match again with these high resistance sneakers. And, you can expect undiminished performance from your Black Nylon AJ in dry or wet season. It also goes along with an all black neoprene upper to complete the aqua resistant shoes.
Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon
Air Jordan 12’s Finest

What makes AJ 12 popular among Jordan’s collection is that this particular edition is the most legit among others. Perhaps you have heard that it was during the release of Air Jordan 12 when Jordan’s brand became an official Nike subsidiary. Another remarkable trivia here is that Jordan got his fifth title with his team Chicago Bulls in 12 hence his legendary performance in the Game Five during the finals. You can readily get a share of this victorious vibe with Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon.
Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon
Like other AJ 12 shoes in the league, the Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon shows off an impressive faux Lizard skin mudguard. Sure, you can also anticipate for its inspiration which is the Japanese flag’s rising sun. Your pair of the latest AJ 12 also comes in the signature lightweight design despite the grandiose feats, too. You can also expect for a comfy footwear amid your challenging physical activities.

For more of Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon, keep yourself updated with sneakers news featuring this new jordan release. Indeed, 23 is back!


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