Hardcourt King:Air Jordan 1 OG Royal

If you want to become a hardcourt royalty for once, you might want to grab yourself a pair of Air Jordan 1 OG Royal. Yes, you can get a share of King MJ’s basketball reputation with this pair of sneakers embedded with interesting features. Check out why you have got to get a piece of this kingly shoes with these product highlights.
Air Jordan 1 OG 2017 Black Royal Retro
Fly High with with AJ 1 Royal

Feel free to seize your basketball moments with this pair of awesome sneakers ready to take you away like a majesty. It works like a magic carriage driven by a unicorn that can fly you up to the basketball ring for a slam dunk. Or, if you have got the right aim you may just feel free to soar up in the air and throw a shot of precision to score some points from a distance. You don’t have to utter some mantra to do all this.

How is it possible? Just like any AJ 1 sneakers, you can expect a lightweight pair of flyers that will never drag you down. See the AJ logo on the upper side portion of the shoes works wonders in giving you a great leap whether we are talking of horizontal or vertical advantage. Air Jordan 1 OG Royal’s lightweight design lets you sweep the basketball floor comfortably.
Air Jordan 1 OG 2017 Black Royal Retro
Garb Up with AJ 1 Royal

Who says you need a crown or a cape to look like a king? All it takes is a pair of good shoes, a jersey, and a basketball to get yourself a castle as grandiose as that of Michael Jordan. The Air Jordan 1 OG Royal looks so cool sporting a shade of black and Royal blue perfect for your collection of jerseys. In case you are wondering, its touch of Royal blue goes as far as the sole of the shoes from the trademark swoosh. Oh trust me you can be a royalty from head to foot.

And, you can expect a classic kingly look with Air Jordan 1 OG Royal which intends to bring back the awesome AJ 1 collection popularized during MJ’s good old days. But this time, you are no longer a bystander left waiting for his chance to get a pair of this charmers. You may want to visit the nearest Nike store to get yourself a reservation as early as now. That shall take care of the next day’s long qeue of shoe collectors just like you.
Air Jordan 1 OG 2017 Black Royal Retro
Without a doubt 23 is back; Jordan releases 2017 have got it all covered.

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