Air Jordan 1 KO High OG: Timeless Canvass Vs. Obsidian

This time you have got some options with the Air Jordan 1 KO High OG shoes which comes on two excellent packages. Yes, you may choose to grab a pair of the Timeless Canvass or the cool Obsidian. Let me help you come up with the best decision with some handy information.
Air Jordan 1 KO High OG

Air Jordan 1 KO High OG
Obsidian/White-Metallic Bronze
August 27, 2016|Mens

Care to travel back in time? If so, you may want to check out the Air Jordan 1 KO High OG Timeless Canvass which was previously released in 2010. This pair of retro shoes comes in a white and red color scheme which suits most of the basketball uniforms in your closet. Since you can practically mix and match your sneakers with your available jerseys, sure you can make the most of your Jordan shoes. What’s more interesting is that you can best wear them with your favorite sets of white and red basketball garbs.
Air Jordan 1 KO High OG
For those who intend to get a pair of cool Air Jordan 1 KO High OG, you can always pick the Obsidian model featuring a white and blue shade. It is predominantly blue with the iconic swoosh mark blending in the almost monocolor exterior. But, how can it go unnoticeable with a remarkably sizeable logo. Just so you know, this pair of Air Jordan sneakers looks so cool that you can also wear them woth your sweat pants or your jeans. There’s no need to bring some extra shoes because this Nike shoes will always work wonders in your hip collection of outfits.
Air Jordan 1 KO High OG
Whichever Air Jordan 1 KO High OG you choose, you can always expect the signature feature embedded in this collection such as the lightweight design. Yes, you can jump all the way for a slam dunk without your sneakers tugging you down on the ground. This pair of shoes has got MJ’s secret of maximizing his vertical leap whenever he goes up in the air to score some points for his team. Now, you can get a share of the Jordan jump with any of these good shoes.
Air Jordan 1 KO High OG
And, you can get your own choice of Air Jordan 1 KO High OG in your favorite sports stores. Just make sure you get yourself ahead of the queue because you are not the lone customer trying to grab a piece of this stunner. You may want to call up the store and make a reservation as soon as you can. Indeed, you need to get yourself updated when it comes to Jordan releases 2016 and sneaker news. Indeed, 23 is back!

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