Air Jordan 1 High Deconstructed Ivory/White to Be Available in Stores in Mid-August

Mid-August is the season of new Air Jordans to hit the market as the brand has multiple Jordan releases 2016 scheduled at this time of the month. Air Jordan 1 High Deconstructed 867338-100 is to be released at the same schedule with its new look.
Air Jordan 1 High Deconstructed

Air Jordan 1 High Deconstructed
August 13, 2016|Mens

The brand decided to release this Retro High line using deconstructed look, a look that stands out among other shoes released in this model. Air Jordan decided to ditch the typical sneakers material like leather and use textile as the main upper material. Rather than going extra fancy with this model, the brand made Air Jordan 1 High Deconstructed 867338-100 look classic with subtle stitching. The stitching needs a second look to see the shapes they form. It serves as the element that ties the overall design while ensuring every textile panel is in place.
Air Jordan 1 High Deconstructed
Details highlighted in the Air Jordan 1 High Deconstructed 867338-100 include the Swoosh logo, which is a common branding element found across Air Jordan models. The brand also leaves a great statement that this 23 is back with panelling reminiscent of the original Jordan 1 look. Despite having a look familiar among Jordan fans, the use of textile breathe a new look to its overall panelling design.

Aside from the Swoosh logo, the Air Jordan logo is also placed on the sides of the footwear. The tongues have the Nike Air tag, the branding element complemented by flat shoelaces that have the same colors.

Through the combination of material and design, this model may give off the feel of the traditional Chuck Taylor. The only difference is that this model is released by Air Jordan and possessing the branding elements the famed footwear maker is known for.
Air Jordan 1 High Deconstructed
The upper may demand for your attention, but the sole itself has its unique features that deserve a second look. It utilizes the original white midsole unit found in Jordan 1s released before. This alone makes the model more reminiscent of the original release. The brand also throws in Nike Air technology to this midsole unit, allowing users to move well by wearing this footwear.

Air Jordan 1 High Deconstructed 867338-100 will be available in Ivory/White and Black/Sail colorways. Both pieces look great with their unique features and can be added to your amazing Jordan collections.

Reports said that the Air Jordan 1 High Deconstructed 867338-100 will be available on August 13, 2016. Both colorways will be available at $123. It will drop in retailers such as Renarts and others that typically bear Air Jordans in their inventories. Be updated about the stores that will offer this model and possible discounts you may get according to offer. Also, check out other Jordan releases 2016.

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